Welcome to the Tofu_VR WordPress theme demo. This site is designed for mobile and intended for use with the new Tofu_VR headset accessory or Google Cardboard.

If you’re viewing this page in portrait then try rotating this screen into a landscape position and place within your VR headset.

There are three types of page:

1. This page type demonstrates the way text and images are handled. Try looking up and down slowly to scroll this page (in landscape). If you wait patiently at the bottom you will be taken to the main menu page.


2. The main menu page surrounds you with thumbnails of content pages, to access one focus your view until the central circle changes colour completely. Eventually the next view will load and you’ll be on a project page.

3. Project pages will either feature a central 3D object, or surround you with a panoramic environment, or both together. Again, if you look down patiently until the circle unravels you will be taken back to the main page.

4. Not technically a page, main menu thumbnails can be links to a VR experience on another web address. This will take you away from the Tofu_VR site.


It is hoped that you can look around the site without having to remove your device from the viewer.

Eventually there will be clear and simple graphics to illustrate the above, and increased device compatibility.

This product is intended for use with the Tofu_vr headset and is based on the WordPress platform to enable smaller clients to showcase potentially vr ready content/environments/products. The theme will take in 3D models from Blender, SketchUp Pro, Vectorworks and so on via the Collada file format, and Panoramic views from the photosphere Jpeg file format.

Should your organisation require a more sophisticated VR environment, then we have numerous talented partner companies able to provide a more tailored experience.

If you would like to find out more please leave a note highlighting your interests and a link to your website here.